Dear Branding Iron Roadhouse Crew,

You were our “car date” meal tonight. You see, my hubby, Tom Demmin, and I have been separately self-quarantined so if we want to “go out” we have to be able to sit in our own cars and talk through open windows at least 6 feet apart. Once we heard about the cook off between Lisa’s burgers and Steve’s ribs, we knew we wanted to:
1. Have our car date meal with you
2. Help in the voting

I got a half-rack of ribs with salad and Tom got the Barbed Wire burger with fries.

The ribs were the most delicious, fall-off-the-bone-tender meat morsels that I have ever had! I literally sucked on the bones and regretted not getting a full rack so I could have them again tomorrow! The salad was a kaleidoscope of color and tastes—so fresh and nicely balanced with the seasoning of the ribs.

The Barbed Wire burger was out-of-this-World! To quote, “Our amazing locally grown Fearing Angus Burger topped with BIRH-House-made Chipotle Cheese Spread, Fried Onion Frizzles, and finished with a schmear of incredible @buck_wild_ranch jalapeño jelly on the bun lid.” It delivered it all—sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy, savory!

After sanitary selecting and sharing. I must say, we each voted for our own choice in the end. So it’s a tie. We are calling for a second round to help with discovering the winner.

All joking aside, it was the love from all of you that made this meal so extraordinary. Thank you for providing a way for us to connect and laugh and remember the pleasure of goodness in times of uncertainty.

God bless you all and keep you healthy and safe.