This Weeks Burger Specials – April 8th, 9th and 11th! Beefy Mushroom with Provolone (bottom) and Asian BBQ Mushroom with Provolone (top)! It feels kind of like Spring and we starting thinking mushrooms so we gave our good friend Mary at Hidden Valley Mushrooms Farm in Lake Delton a call. Mary delivered the goods!  Thank you, Mary, for the case of super fresh Cremini and a case of super fresh Shiitake!

We dressed up the Shiitakes with a little sesame oil and added a few Cremini with some Asian Style BBQ sauce!

We sautéed the Creminis with a little onion and beefy broth – Our GOTO Out of the Chute Burger!

Take your pick – Amazing mushrooms on our Locally-grown Fearing Angus Beef burgers – cooked to order!